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    SMPS Palmetto led all chapters nationwide during the past year with the highest "Percentage of Growth by Chapter," achieving 45% growth between August 2012 and August 2013. How did we do this? By nurturing our current members, obtaining new members, and by consistently providing highly relevant educational and business development programs for the A/E/C industry. Become a member today by visiting or by contacting Membership Co-Chairs, Mary Helen Beard (, or Taylor Morris (


    There are 10 Reasons to join SMPS Palmetto Chapter:

    1. Networking Opportunities: Since the Palmetto Chapter was established in the fall of 2008,  I have been involved since the beginning and have met A/E/C business contacts that share knowledge and discuss partnering opportunities.

    2. Publications: Every month I read the Marketer, which is the journal for members  and Connections,which is the e-newsletter for members. Plus I have received discounts on books through the SMPS Bookstore.

    3. Marketing Resource Center: Through MySMPS, online community I have been able to connect and share information with others in our industry.

    4. Certified Professional Services Marketer Program:  Currently the Palmetto Chapter has 4 members that have the status of CPSM.  I have started gathering the material to study for the exam.  This designation provides professional credentials.

    5. Programs and Conferences: SMPS  provides Regional and National Conferences.  I attended a Regional conference and am still connected to the contacts I made.

    6. Leadership Opportunities:  Since the Palmetto Chapter started I have been involved, first on the Membership Committee, then as the Sponsorship Chairman and now as the Membership Chairman.  I have gained valuable insight into Leadership while developing my skills as a leader.

    7. Career and Recruitment Resources: Other SMPS members have shared their stories of finding job opportunities through the SMPS Career Center.

    8. National and Regional Contacts:   Through SMPS I have been able to find and network with companies on a national and regional level.

    9. Professional Development Opportunities:  Through SMPS I have met several speakers and writers of white papers and have gained knowledge from their insight.

    10. A Community of Emerging Leaders: SMPS encourages volunteers and provides theopportunities for Leadership while promoting your company.